ok what next
Well things are better. I went back to the place that denied us and pleaded our case and they finally accepted us. I was so happy to hear the news. I was at the courthouse trying to figure out what can be done about my brothers records and I didn't bring my purse or phone because of the security check - didn't feel like messing with all that. When I got back to my car there were 4 missed calls and a voicemail that said we were accepted afterall.

So I've been packing all week and trying to study in between. We had a test last night that I know I failed at best I got a D.

CS is still acting weird. Getting better but still a little distant. I'm starting to lose hope about him. That really sucks. Why does he have to be such a conflicted fucked up person.

There is this guy in our class that is kind of cute. Great eyes and nice body. Last night CS says to me that Ray likes me. And when he said Ray it was in a snide manner. He says that he's always flirting with me and he just knows these things. He seemed annoyed by the idea which confuses me cuz why does he give a shit if he himself does not want anything more than friendship at this time. I don't even feel like we are dating anymore but we still spend everyday together. So I may ask Ray out which will probably fuck things up between CS and I so I'm a little hesitant. Even though we aren't "together" I still feel like I'd be cheating on him.

CS is going away this weekend to go camping with his family. With my luck he'll meet some chick and hit it off and lo and behold she'll live near here and goodbye me.

Well I'm getting off this thing - need to get ready for school.


2004-07-21 || 4:50 p.m.


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