Weird...CS called and wanted to know if he gets to see me tonight. Duh! So he came over and he was back to his usual self with me. Really affectionate. Aggressive (as in grabbing me as I pass and pulling me onto his lap). We played around with my visual basic thing and he showed me some stuff.

He signed up for a class at the college and actually wants me to do it too. So tomorrow I have to get my transcripts and try to enroll. He says he got a parking pass so that we can carpool and he wants to share a book. He says we can do our homework together so that's cool. I didn't think he'd want me to be in the same class, might cramp his style. So I'm excited that he wants to do it together. I just hope the class doesn't fill up before I can enroll. There are only 12 spots left :(

So we went and rented a couple of movies. We watched one tonight and we'll watch the other one tomorrow after the game or during the game depending upon how bad it gets. Yay so I get to see him tomorrow!!!

Well I should get to bed :(

2004-06-14 || 11:50 p.m.


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