the lakers are upsetting me
Can you believe the Lakers??? I don't think they want to win. All I wanted was for Malone to get his ring. See no matter what I want it just doesn't happen.

CS called to see if he could come over and watch the game. Last night he went to a party and played poker. So I'm sure he met someone because he did mention chicks being there. And in a couple of months he's going to rent a room from this guy. So I guess I should start kissing my ass goodbye. He's still not as affectionate as usual. I still think he wants to be just friends but I'm going to make him be the one to bring it up.

I just hope someone comes along to distract my heart from him that way I can let him go. Or that he doesn't find anyone that he likes more than I or that no one else is interested in him and I'm his only choice. Heck I don't mind winning by default.

2004-06-13 || 11:43 p.m.


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