doing ok
Well the game was horrible. I can't believe how bad they played. We didn't even watch the last 3:13 min. of the game.

CS had called around 5:30pm to see what time the game started. He said he had been trying to think of things for us to do because he forgot about the game but now we'd watch the game. He was looking for a movie to watch but there wasn't anything in. Near the end of the game we were so disgusted that we decided to go to the video store to find a movie. We ended up watching the Cooler. Good movie. I like the whole having the bad luck and being able to do something with it.

We snuggled while watching the movie so that was nice. Then he tickled me to death. There were injuries. I notice that he tickles me more than caresses me now. What the hell is that? He making this relationship more and more platonic as we go.

He called me at work to see if I wanted to meet him at the book store after work. So I picked out a visual basic 6 book. I'm going to try and learn that. I don't know what I'll do with it but I just want to learn. Then we played poker. Blake was there and I noticed him staring a lot. It seemed most times at me but sometimes at CS.

He was pretty affectionate tonight. He only tickled me a few times and caressed me the rest (nice change). He went home after poker since he has to be up early tomorrow. It's his dad's bday tomorrow so I doubt I'll see him.

I just plan on laying out for an hour, trying to score some smoke and getting high. Oh and I should probably start reading my new book. I know I'm going to be overwhelmed and feel really stupid but that's ok.

2004-06-11 || 11:36 p.m.


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