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I was sitting outside just now and the weather is perfect. The sun has set but it's still light out on half the sky. It's probably upper 60s. It would be a perfect time for fireflies. I don't understand why he don't have them here. I feel like having some sent to me and start breeding them out here.

I talked to CS a bit ago. He's going out with his friend tonight. He said he didn't want me thinking that he was mad at me, that was nice. I wonder what they'll do but I'm not going to stress on it. I just cross my fingers that he doesn't meet some girl tonight that he likes and hopefully he'll think about me and miss me just a little.

I laid out today but man it was hot. I could only take about 45min. but I got a lot of color.

Well I'm very boring today so I'm going to sign off.

2004-06-12 || 9:05 p.m.


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