i'm not saying anything
CS called around 8pm to see what I was doing. I had given up on him and JB and I decided to play a little head to head hold em for $2.00. So then CS came over and we played until about midnight and then I had to go to bed so I didn't get to spend any one on one time with him. He was affectionate but not super. I asked him if he doesn't enjoy touching me anymore and he said not at all. He kept asking me if everything was ok cuz I was so quiet. I didn't want to talk about it so I just said nothing. He asked again and I said nothing. I said I feel like something is up with him and he said not at all. He says he feels like he's known me for a long time and he's not nervous around me anymore. But he's still weird.

The game is on tonight so hopefully he will come over and hopefully we will have some alone time. But who knows.

2004-06-10 || 2:00 p.m.


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