back to his old self
I swear I do not understand men.

CS had IMed me when he got home from his meetings and after talking a bit he asked what I was doing that night, if I had a hot date. I said I was watching the game (eastern- have to check up on the competition). So he asked if he could watch it with me. Then he started saying that he's sorry he's so screwed up and he wants me to know that he's not playing any games with me and if I ever get tired of hanging out with him just tell him or if I want to ditch him for some other guy that he'd understand. So I asked if he's trying to push me away and he said no. He says no matter what happens he thinks we'll always be good friends because I'm such an awesome person. I wanted to tell him that it's possible we won't end up friends because if he rips my heart apart then I don't want to be his friend.

Anyways - he comes over and he's super affectionate again. The whole 5 hours he was there he had his arms around me and kept giving me big hugs. Then he'd start kissing my neck and tits and get me going. Of course I didn't once touch his dick. I don't want to get in trouble now. Then he says a couple of times how much he loves touching me and that my skin is so soft and wanted to know if it bothered me at all.

We IMed eachother briefly this morning and he's coming over to watch the "real" game (Lakers) with me tonight "if I want him to". Duh again. He should know by now that I never mind his company.

I wish everyday that he comes to his senses and wants to be with me.

2004-05-27 || 2:02 p.m.


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