pulled back in
I talked to CS yesterday. He asked if I was mad at him cuz he texted me the night before and I never texted back. Of course I never received it or I wouldn't have been all bent out of shape. It was cute when he came over last night he asked me again if I really didn't receive it. I swore I didn't and then I said to him that maybe he didn't even really send it. So he says he has proof. The message said it was sent and received and has the date and time it was sent still on his phone. How funny.

He was affectionate, playful and complimentary. He still tries to turn me on. He put me on his lap and I was there for the whole game. That was nice and comfy but I'm sure I was cutting off the circulation in his legs.

We wrestled a little while he tried to tickle me, of course I was unable to tickle him back as he had me pinned. It was fun though.

So he was pulled me back into his "make believe world" so I might as well enjoy it.

2004-05-26 || 10:03 a.m.


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