Went to a gay bar this weekend with my friend Sal. I had a great time. The atmosphere in a gay bar is much better than that of a straight bar. I knew none of the guys were going to hit on me so I was comfortable. Ran into my old best friend there. He kind of freaked out that I know he's gay now but I always knew anyway - he just never confirmed it for me. So we talked the rest of the night. We were always really affectionate with each other so we slipped back into that a little. I met like 11 guys that night. All very gay and very sweet. I've been feeling a little down and they made me feel so good about myself. I especially liked/bonded with this guy named Michael (how coincidental). He told Sal that he really likes me and wants to take me with him to Hollywood. So sometime in the next month or so I'll be going there.

DS is still acting weird around me. Hopefully he'll snap out of it. I'll see what's going on next week.

Tim also told me what happened to Steve (the guy I dated when I was 16). He just said that Steve thinks the world of me and has never said one bad thing about me. He said he just freaked out because of the whole Monica thing. It's all good. I feel like I have closure.

2003-11-09 || 2:04 p.m.


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