Went to Disneyland again on Saturday. We had the best time. We were there as soon as it opened and left when it closed. And the best part was we were asked to be in the "Parade of the Stars" and our group got to walk the parade holding hands with a Disney character. We had to dance with them and do other dance routines by ourselves. The only thing that sucks is we don't have a picture of it because we were all in the parade. Of course thousands of people took our picture but we don't know any of them. We received a "blue fairy" pin. Went through the "nightmare before christmas" haunted mansion. They have it re-decorated with all of the "nightmare" stuff. This time I got to ride on the "pirates of the caribbean". Didn't look like much changed. The whole park was decorated for christmas. They even had fake snow pumped out after the fireworks. I was so exhausted all day yesterday. I feel better today but my legs are still a little sore.

Well that is all for now

2003-11-17 || 12:34 p.m.


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