Where do I start?

I'm still confused but not so depressed anymore.

I don't know what I want and can't expect him to wait around. The only thing that kind of pisses me off is that he likes to rub things in my face, so to speak. I talked to him last night and he just has to tell me that these girls are telling him how hot he is but that he just blew them off but I noticed that he added the one girl that lives near him to his friend's list. Brushed her off my ass. I don't like the idea that he lied to me but what can you do. I guess he is just a "man" after all. Who knows what else he's left out? Since he is always in the city now - going to bars/clubs etc. I've just been mostly sitting at home being sad but I guess I should get out there and start looking as well.

Well I don't want to talk about it anymore or else I'll just get really mad and say some things I'll regret.

My tooth is much better now. The anesthesia made me really sick - that was the worst part and all the bleeding. I'm eating anything I want again :)

I have to pick up my halloween costume tomorrow. I'm going to be Sexy Snow White. It's a really cute costume. It looks just like the traditional snow white outfit except really short and then I wear red thigh highs and a cute little wig. I'll probably look like a dork but oh well.

My parents went out of town until Sunday so I have to go to their house everyday and give the cat her shot.

I'm going to my friend Reggie's to hang out. Probably watch a movie or something. He has been really helpful about me going back to college in the Spring. He's walking me through the process since it has been so long since I've gone and he is still going.

One more thing. I've been harboring this crush for DS but don't know if I will ever say anything since I know he's not at all interested :( Well I'm off...

2003-10-15 || 10:59 a.m.


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