the great hug
Last night was interesting and fun.

I arrived at SAM's around 6:15pm and we hung out and talked. Smoked some weed, ate pizza and watched Zoolander. He wanted to have sex but I said no because he claimed the night before that we weren't going to have sex because he wanted to see if we could just hang out and still have fun without the sex. So I made him stick to it. I left around 10:30pm but before I did he grabbed me and hugged me for like 15 min. and what a hug it was. I don't know what kind of mojo he has going on but wow. We didn't kiss, or gyrate or do anything sexual. We just stood there hugging but when it was over we both said wow and he said that it felt like we just had sex. I felt the same thing. It was strange. My heart started beating faster and faster but I'm just standing there. I start getting really turned on - it was interesting.

He seemed a little more loosened up and more jovial than he usually is. So he must be getting used to me.

I'm going to stay the night with him Friday. Since Sunday is Father's Day I can't stay the night Saturday. So after my brother's meeting I'll head to his house. Hopefully things will go well.

I think Gary and Randy are both embarrassed and upset with me. Gary sent an email to apologize and said that he will leave me alone. I wrote back saying that I'm not mad, etc. and suggested we see a movie next week or something but he hasn't written back so I think he's done with me. Oh well if he can't handle just being friends. Randy wondered if I lost interest in him. I wrote back saying that I didn't but it's hard because we live so far apart and all that. Haven't heard back from him either. I swear I feel like the man in these relationships.

Well I better get going since I am at work :)

2003-06-12 || 10:18 a.m.


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