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So I talked to JG yesterday. He called me right when I stepped through the door. It was so good to talk to him. He had me laughing as usual. Then he got on the subject of us being a couple. He acts as if he doesn't already have a wife. He says he's coming out to visit in July so that should be interesting. For some reason he still thinks I'm the most perfect woman in the world that and that I can satisfy his every need. I do think we would make an awesome couple though. We get along great and have so much fun together. I'm just not as attracted to him as he is to me. I am more so now than I was before but still not enough.

I am extremely horny today. All this talking about sex with Randy has made me randy :) I swear I have been perpetually wet and throbbing all damn day. Like I'm sure you needed to hear that.

Anyways I wrote Ulcer an e-mail and he probably thinks I'm this big dork. I just wanted to say hi and chat. I just feel drawn to him for some reason - maybe because I'm his female equivalent :)

I'm at work and should be working but everyday I'm less and less motivated to work!

I have to work for the hospital tomorrow - at least that gives me some time away from my desk.

I have a date tomorrow and another one on Friday - not looking forward to them but gives me something to do.

2003-05-21 || 4:13 p.m.


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