forgotten memory revived
I was glancing at my diary and I don't think that I mentioned that I saw MB before I moved. Maybe I did but I didn't see it so here it goes (maybe again)

He came into the Pharmacy to see me and we talked and made plans to see each other later. He came by while JB was at work because he would've thrown a fit and probably beat his ass. We had a nice talk. He told me all about his new sexual experiences. He hasn't had sex with any other women since me (that could've changed by now though) but he finally had sex with another man. So we smoked together and it was just really good to see him. Of course I wanted to jump his bones but I restrained myself (not that he would have gone for it if I tried). He came in once more and JB showed up too but by then MB and I had finished talking. So JB and MB are in the same aisle and neither one has any idea about the other. All of us in the pharmacy are freaking out. KB said it's like something out of a movie. So I'm trying to get MB's attention w/out alerting JB. They pass each other but don't notice. Finally I catch MB's eye and I'm motioning to him to hide and pointing at JB. He finally gets it and goes elsewhere. I laughed so hard. It wasn't so much that I cared if JB saw him - I just didn't want JB to go off on him. I would have had to jump in and I would've defended MB and that wouldn't have gone over well with JB.

But that's my last physical contact with him. :(

2003-05-21 || 9:25 p.m.


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