Had my friend C.T. and her Dr. boyfriend take my stitches out. A couple of the stitches weren't ready to come out but it was too late so just the one is left. So I have to wrap it so that the wound is closed and have to be careful not to stretch it but that's almost impossible. I have to find the bandages that keep the skin closed tomorrow. This sucks. And the one stitch hurt a lot coming out. It feels weird. It's all lumpy. It still stings like crazy. I just hope it closes all the way soon.

So C.T. and her man came over for some counseling. I probably just did more damage than good but I hope I helped a little. C.T. is probably upset with me because I didn't take her side on all the issues. But I had to be honest. She just IMed me and everything is cool. She said it did him a lot of good. We'll see.

For some reason J.B. is staying at his Dad's this week. He says it's so I can have time to myself. He also said that he wasn't going to tell me so that I'd worry about him. I bet his parents went on holiday or something and he's housesitting. Otherwise that's just spooky.

I talked to M.B. a little tonight. That was nice but then he had company so he had to go :( If only he weren't so damn good looking or if he was a real jerk then I could focus on that and fall out of love. But no, he's gorgeous and a doll baby. I'm doomed. What man can live up to his standards now? Really. All I can hope for is a really good 3.

Off to bed am I.

2002-01-07 || 10:54 p.m.


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