I haven't gone out partying in a few weeks so had the urge tonight.

My good friend J.G. (the sister of best friend) called me tonight and asked me what was going on tonight. I told her all I want to do is get high. So M.P. says she can hook us up.

C.T., J.G. and M.P. get to my house, we head over to this apartment to get some smoke. Three stripper girls live there and had a few stripper girl friends and their boyfriends. Pot everywhere. Big buds laying on the coffee table, on the floor. We smoke this blunt that is fuller than the average cigar. Perfectly rolled. Then we passed around a triple chamber bong that was huge. I was nervous about being able to draw up any smoke but I did just fine. Then they passed around the glass bong. So we smoke all three alternately. Get our bag and hit the road. As we left the apartment, smoke literally rolled out the door.

We head to M.P.'s ex-boyfriends place to smoke a blunt of some really good stuff. We cram in this car and smoke that. We were all laughing so hard. J.G. is so funny. She had me crying.

Smoke billowed out of the car as well.

We then headed to my place instead of Oscar's. The roads were icy tonight. Hung here for awhile. Ate a shitload of food. I'm still super high. I haven't smoked that much in a long ass time. It felt good.

We had a really good time. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Too bad it makes C.T. really tired. She burned out fast and wanted to go home and she was J.G.'s ride so she had to go but she wanted to stay. Oh well.

Bye for now

2002-01-13 || 12:24 a.m.


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