too high perchance?
I can remember just the way you taste.

That line keeps going through my head. It�s a line from that Staind song. It�s Been Awhile or something like that. I�m so high right now and feeling melodramatic and melancholy.

Let�s take a look inside and see what's going on�

The wind blows in minor notes and carries with it little particles of tears. It�s not tempestuous but neither is it a comforting breeze. I feel lonely and vulnerable out here. I see something in the distance. It looks like doors. As I approach I hear voices and music gentle like smoke seeping through the cracks.

I quietly pull open a door and slip inside into what looks like a party. I�m immediately greeted by a child who informs me that I�m not supposed to be here but neither is she. She takes my hand and pulls me into a darkened corner. I ask her where I am. She tells me that I�m in the Heart. I ask her who these people are. She points to a lady that is draped across a deep blue velvet chaise lounge, sobbing wholeheartedly.

�That lady is Melancholy. She doesn�t always cry but that�s when she�s the happiest. She mostly listens to these sad songs and sighs a lot.�

She then points to a gentle, wise looking man who�s seated on a pile of pillows smiling sweetly. He is surrounded by others who are seeking answers from him.

�That guy is Love. He�s the happiest one in here. But that�s because Passion is his lover. I�d hate to see him if she ever left him.�

A woman joins him on his pillows and embraces him with her arms and legs and nuzzles her face into his neck. She is dressed in glowing embers but I notice that the flames shoot off of her when they begin kissing. I�d hate to see what happens when she�you know�

�That woman catching on fire is Passion. Luckily her fire is symbolic or we wouldn�t have a place to live the way those two are. She is happiest when they are together.�

I start to feel a bit like a voyeur so look elsewhere. My eyes fall on this guy that is excessively drinking. Smoke rises from his skin. His eyes are bloodshot but focused.

�That man that you�re watching in disgust is Anger. He all the time drinks. I guess he�s happy. It�s hard to tell.�

Suddenly Anger stood up and started throwing obscenities all over the room. One almost hit me. Another man rushed across the room and took hold of Anger. This man had the most serene face I�d ever seen. Flawless. The song �Porcelain� came to mind. I then noticed what looked like a joint dangling from his lips.

�That guy is Anger�s brother. His name is Peace. He is the only one capable of controlling Anger. When he�s not calming his brother he meditates and smokes his magic flowers.�

Peace and Anger walk off together and disappear down a hall. An uneasiness filled the room.

�He�s putting him to bed. He�s the only one that can do it unfortunately�

When Peace returned the uneasiness was lifted and the show went on.

I ask her who the party is for. She tells me that it�s not really a party but a meeting. She asks me if I noticed the climate of the Soul. She says it�s not always like this. She speaks of a time when it was beyond beautiful. The sun was always setting and the stars were always out and the air was warm and the wind carried tiny kisses that tickled your entire being. She says they want that back.

Well I�m tired of visiting so must go for now.

2001-09-17 || 1:22 a.m.


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