I fell in love

With a city that is. I love New York.

We got on the road around 6pmish. J.G. drove to Akron and I drove the rest of the way. For the most part the drive was uneventful. The whole way there we kept seeing broken down cars and we prayed that we wouldn�t be one of them. J.G. said that he�s never seen so many cars on the side of the road. We saw a lot of highway patrol too but luckily I didn�t get stopped. At one point at around 1am I had the car clocking 100. We wanted to see how fast the car would go but when I got to 100 we were going up hill and it wouldn�t go much faster and I was gaining on the car ahead of me quickly and wasn�t sure if it was a cop or not and didn�t want to risk it.

We stopped at a truck stop and had a bite to eat and laughed our asses off about gangs. I was telling him about my gang experience and he was laughing so hard his eyes were tearing up. The truckers are just staring at us, not knowing what to think. I�m sitting there talking about blacks and not in the best light to a black man and we�re both cracking up. He played the lottery and won $2 but didn�t want to cash it in but I talked him into it and he said for me to just pick 2 tickets for myself. Well we then won $10 and used that for our toll across the George Washington Bridge and had $4 to spare.

We arrived in the Bronx around 3am and drove around a little bit before heading to his grandma�s place. We went by Yankee Stadium and the Puerto Rican district and then got back on the freeway and headed to Co-Opt City. Once we got there we had to circle around for around an hour looking for a parking space. We finally gave up trying to find a legitimate space and just parked illegally. J.G. had to get up at 7am to move the car before anyone towed or ticketed it. Got to bed around 5:30am.

Woke up at 9:30am and we headed out to Manhattan around 1pm. J.G., his sister (who has the same initials so I�ll just use a J for her) and I boarded the bus and got off at around 49nd street. We walked around the streets for a while. There was a parade on Park Ave, so we walked through there to see what was going on. Went inside St. Patrick�s Cathedral. They had never been in there before either. Saw Christie�s and got all excited about that. Saw Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, NBC Studios, The Empire State Building, etc. They had never seen any of that either.

At 34th Street we descended into the muggy, hot underbelly. Found the train we needed to be on and went 1 block and had to get off due to repairs. So we had to go up a couple flights of steps cross over and go back down to catch another. This time it took us where we wanted to be. We got off in Greenwich Village and walked around there the rest of the day. We went to Washington Square Park and I got to see the chess playing guys. Then we saw two �minstrel� (inside joke) shows. Walked all around and shopped. We ate and then headed back to the subway. We took the train to the Bronx around 5pm. Got off downtown, caught a bus to the �real projects� as J.G. and his family would say and attended a party there. We left there at around 9pm and headed back to his Grandma�s.

Around 10pm J.G.�s uncle wants us to take a ride with him to Queens. He has to deliver a car and needs a ride back. His uncle deals with the underworld and boy does he have some stories. So no one asks why we�re delivering this car we just go. Once in Queens he takes us to where he works which is a Psychiatric Hospital and it�s huge. He�s head of transportation there. We go inside and we�re walking around in the dark down these very spooky corridors. He says that even the security guards won�t come down because it�s so creepy. I felt like I was in the video game Silent Hill. I started scaring everyone by describing the game and then we said we feel like we are on the tv show Fear.

We get back to his grandma�s around midnight. Oh yea. When we arrived back after the party we were walking from the car to his grandma�s place a block or so away and I hear a cell phone start ringing and I swear that it�s coming from my purse. So I stop and listen to my purse thinking that maybe J.G. put his in there. It�s not there, so there is this trash can next to me so I peek in there. By then everyone comes back to see what I�m doing and they also hear the phone. So J. looks in the street and there it is. We answer but no one responds. So we take it to his uncle and he looks it over and says all that you need to do is replace the chip and get a number. So everyone is discussing who should get the phone. J. says that I should have it since I�m the only one there that doesn�t have one. So now I have a cell phone but no money to actually use it. It is so cool though. The antennae lights up in different colors. Very cool.

J.G. and J. tell me that all the time they�ve lived there they have never seen so much or had such an exciting adventure filled day. They kept teasing me how I come there and all this cool shit happens.

Oh and I saw a genuine hooker. I told J.G. that I wanted to go find some so that I could just give them money. But by the time I saw one I only had $7 left and I wanted to give her more. I�ve seen hookers before but not hookers from New York. I just wanted to give her some money so that would be one less trick she would have to do that day. Oh well maybe next time.

So J.G. is acting a little weird around me. He keeps telling me that he�s going to write a letter telling me all the things he wants to say. He�s really quiet around me when it�s just the two of us. One night we were talking and I was voicing my fears about M.B. forgetting about me or falling in love with someone else and he tells me that I shouldn�t worry because I have this way of making those close to me feel really important and that I affect people in a rare way that I�m not aware of and like he has said before that he has met girls from all over the world and has yet to find anyone like me. That�s when he said that he doesn�t have the courage to tell me everything I mean to him but that he�s working on it. This morning he said that he started writing me last night but fell asleep before he could finish it but would send it when it was done.

He�s also concerned that J.B. might do something irrational in the future. He says he doesn�t mean to scare me but he thinks J.B. is capable of hurting me and himself. I hope to God he doesn�t. Not only am I not ready to die but I still need to fulfill my time with M.B. If I get robbed of that, there will be no end to my fury. He had his chance and he demolished it. We just weren�t meant to be but I know in his mind he thinks we are.

I finally got to hear my gorgeous hunk of a man�s voice tonight. Even his voice is sexy but he thinks I would say his guts are sexy because I�m so enamored with him but I thought he was damn sexy before I even knew him. Now that I know him he�s even sexier. He sounded sad and all I want to do is cheer him up. I wish I could hold him in my arms now until he fell asleep. I miss him so much. My body, soul and mind crave him to no end. He said that he wants to have sex with me so bad and I instantly became wet. Totally and completely for reals. Another first. I swear when I just think about him entering me my stomach drops. Like when you�re driving and you go over a hill really fast and your stomach feels weird, in addition to that it also feels like someone wringing out a sponge (I know that probably makes no sense but it�s the only way to describe the sensation). My heart also feels like it stops for a second and my breath catches. All of this happens simultaneously and it feels really cool. Ok but I must stop thinking about this because it�s not helping and I�m getting out of control horny for him.

Well I should go to bed so that I can dream of him. I had some really vivid dreams this weekend about him. He makes me so happy but I�m sad being apart from him. Sigh.

2001-09-10 || 2:28 a.m.


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