My friend C.T. had to put all 3 of her cats to sleep yesterday. They had FIP or something like that. It was a very somber day yesterday. She came over and we went to dinner and cried.

M.B. spent the evening with L. He called from work to say hi. He's spending tonight with her too. I saw him for about 30 seconds today on my way out. He left a note in my locker that said "I missed you last night - Mr. Perfect". That is about the sweetest thing he's done so far.

The absentee boyfriend showed up around 10:30pm last night on his way home from drinking to say good night. That was strange.

I actually went to bed at 11pm last night but felt even more tired when I woke up than usual. I'm probably getting used to only 2 hours of sleep a night so now it's as if I over slept.

No plans tonight. C.T. said something about coming over after work.

2001-08-17 || 3:28 p.m.


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