Still recuperating

Just woke up. Went to bed around 5am. M.B. stayed until 4am. He had to go to church this morning so needed to get some sleep.

When he got here I wasn't sure if he was staying so I asked him if he had other plans and he said no, that he blew off L. (I don't know her last name)so that was cool. So we went grocery shopping and then came back here and I made dinner but of course I bought flour tortillas instead of corn (We were pretty high)so it didn't taste right but it was still ok.

I didn't have the guts to ask him to his face how he feels about me so I e-mailed him after he left. Who knows if he will even respond? I probably scared him off for sure this time. Hopefully he will respond though and not keep me hanging for too long.

C.T. came over yesterday after she called off. We went shopping and had fun. She says she had an awesome time at her party. She says the last thing she remembers is falling into me and telling me she loves me and how fucked up she is. She was planning on going out to a club last night.

My absentee boyfriend called last night and when he found out that I had the day off yesterday he says that he should have come over. He says if he had known I was off he would have come over. Thank God he didn't. He would have found M.B. and I sleeping in the bed which he would have taken the wrong way. So I'm glad he didn't know. He wanted to know if any guys hit on me when we went out. I told him no which was the truth. I was with M.B. all night so guys didn't bother me. I'm sure he'll be over tomorrow. It's weird when he's here now because now that I have feelings for M.B. I don't really have any for J.B. I still like him but I'm not in love with him anymore so find it hard to be affectionate. Oh well it's my fault. Well not really he's the one that left but I fell for someone else.

2001-08-05 || 3:17 p.m.


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