Yesterday my bird was attacked by one of the cats. I couldn't get a hold of a vet because it's Sunday and we don't have an emergency hospital. He has a slice on his chest and the skin was just hanging there. I tried to wrap it but that was impossible. I just made it worse. So I put him in a little cat carrier and kept him by my side all night. First thing this morning I took him to the vets. I told them that I don't have an appointment but my bird needs help. So the Dr. looked at him and he needs stitches. So he's there now. They'll call me when he's done. I don't know how I'm going to keep him from picking at the stitches because he LOVES to pick at things including himself. The Dr. said he will try and put a collar on him while he's under but he hasn't always had success with them on birds. So now I'll have to watch him like a hawk. I hope everything goes ok.

This is the second time that he has evaded death. Last time he needed emergency surgery because he had an obstruction somewhere and wasn't able to go to the bathroom. I couldn't get to the surgeon's in time because it was in another city and they were closing before I could get there. So my vet kept him at their hospital and we thought he would have to be put to sleep because he was dying anyway and I didn't want him to suffer so all night I thought he was going to die or be put to sleep the next day. But somehow he pulled through to the amazement of all. Now this.

Still haven't heard from M.B. So it must be bad news and he's putting it off as long as he can.

2001-08-06 || 10:21 a.m.


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