Unexpected visit

So weird turn of events for me last night. C.T. came by around 9:30pm and we were talking and then the phone rings and I assume it's the absentee boyfriend but it turns out to be M.B. We talk for a little bit and then he says he's just coming over. So we find out that J.R. started trouble with him so he was really mad. So for now I don't have to worry about her. And she's not going to C.T.'s party after all. Oh well.

So he stayed until 3am. I made a point of not throwing myself at him. But he would grab for my hand so that was nice. He laid his head on my lap for awhile. We kind of slow danced around the living room and kitchen for a while. Kissed momentarily. We gave each other piggy back rides except when it was my turn to get on his back everything went wrong and I slid down his back, over his head and onto the floor laughing. I hit my foot really hard on the table and the side of my foot is bruised today. Then we dared each other to hold a hot lighter to our skin. He chickened out but I didn't and now I have this perfectly rectangular burn blister on my leg. I don't know why we did that but we did. So now he feels bad but he has nothing to feel bad for.

I mentioned in passing that someday I want to have sex to The Cure's Disintegration and he says "OK". Just like that. So last night his brain wavered on the side of sex so now I just have to keep it there.

Before I left work today he said that he'd call me but that doesn't necessarily mean tonight. So we'll see.

2001-07-31 || 6:34 p.m.


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