Downer Day

So I e-mailed M.B. about J.R. following J.G.'s advice. I told him that I think he has a crush on J.R. and that if he wants I can back off if he wishes to pursue her. He wrote back saying that he does not have a crush on her and that he doesn't want to sleep with her because she's evil. He said that if he sleeps with a woman it will be me. I'm glad to hear that but he's back to the "if". Hopefully he'll bounce back to the "yes". He wrote me a little bit ago asking if I was mad at him. I wonder what I did to make him think that?

I'm searching for some smoke but it is nowhere to be found. That sucks. I don't want to be completely sober at C.T.'s party. I'm allergic to alcohol so have never been able to drink. I don't even know what it's like to be drunk. But that's ok because I have my grass except that it is illegal so harder to come by. I mean really what's the big deal. Everyone that smokes and drinks, says that it's much safer to be high than drunk. They should just legalize it already. So I see that my luck is striking again. Hopefully it will disappear soon.

We're going shopping tomorrow. I hope I find something I like. But again with my bad luck...

2001-08-02 || 12:36 a.m.


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