Nothing exciting to add. I just feel like venting a little. I haven't heard from M.B. yet. He usually doesn't take this long to respond. I just have this funny feeling like something is up. I'm just stressed that my feeling may be right about him wanting someone else. That or he just isn't interested in me anymore. Maybe I scared him after all. My friend J.G. wants to talk to him. He says he's going to tell him that he has the chance in a lifetime. That tons of guys would give anything to be with me. He says to do it for mankind. But he understands how M.B. would be scared. He said that he'd be scared and he's really confident sexually. He said he'd want to but would be too scared to do anything. Great. So I'm too good looking. Whatever. So M.B. is probably backing off. Hopefully he'll move forward again. I don't want to have my heart stomped on again. When will things turn my way?

2001-07-30 || 7:29 p.m.


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