party with enemies

M.B. just called and now I'm waiting for him to get here. He's not going to shower so it shouldn't take as long but he'll still be an hour at least. He still plans on coming over afterwards which is good.

These girls don't really care for me. One has stabbed me in the back on more than one occassion. So I'm always uneasy around her anyway. This will be weird. I made her a card because I didn't buy anything. She'll probably just make fun of it after I leave. Her style.

I don't know if we should start a naked lesson tonight. I'm sure that he is not up for it but will have to be coerced. Maybe I'll engage him in a game of strip poker.

Well so we'll just see what unfolds or doesn't unfold. I'll let it go once again.

2001-07-28 || 10:40 p.m.


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