CS called to see if I wanted to hang out so I said sure (like there was any question). Earlier JB had asked me if I'd get us something to eat and he would pay so I told CS that I'd be back in 1/2 hour and that JB will be here even if I'm not. Well as I'm leaving JB says he wants to go too. So we go to the video store and he proceeds to look through their whole inventory so that takes 1/2 hour then we go to Fatburger and it takes 20min. or so there. When I got here I saw his car but he was nowhere to be found. I called him but no answer, so I texted him and a few minutes later he appeared. He walked to the liquor store. I felt bad though cuz he was here for 1/2 hour or more.

At first he was his usual distant self but he came around and then he was super affectionate. He stayed later than he usually does as well. He laid his head on my stomach (cuz we were laying on the floor) and I caressed his face and ran my fingers through his hair. He said he was so comfortable that he could sleep like that. He played with my tits a bit and kissed my neck, you know, everything to get me excited. While we were outside he pulled me to him so of course I could feel his dick against me. I don't need just makes me want to suck it, rub it and fuck it.

So today was a good day but by tomorrow I'm sure Mr. Distant will be back. It's a damn roller coaster with this guy.

2004-06-20 || 1:03 a.m.


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