Well I start class tonight. I'm a little nervous as it's been a long time since I've been to school and I don't remember much about algebra. I hope I can catch on again...

Went to the Luau party yesterday. It was fun. Mostly hung with JB or my parents. Drank a Mai Tai and some champagne and ate some good food. CS called while I was there but of course I didn't hear my phone so he left a message asking me if I wanted to hang out. And that he hopes he's not bugging me.

He came over and we played poker and then watched a movie. He had to inform me that he wasn't wearing any underwear (which he knows drives me crazy). Why does he do that? I was inquiring about the time and he asked me if I have a hot date or something. And I laughed and said whatever and he says "i bet you do". What does he care? I bet that's just his way of showing me that he still wants me to date and that he's ok with it. But he didn't seem totally ok with it plus he stayed longer than he usually does. He was affectionate and playful. He kept hugging me close. I swear I can not figure him out.

Oh and JB's friend Shane is in ICU and probably won't make it. I really like this guy. He was always cool with me and I liked playing poker with him. Everytime we played poker he'd tell me that he hates playing poker with girls except for me. He says I'm a good player so he doesn't mind at all. When JB told me last night my eyes welled up but I felt stupid since he's JB's friend but I do know him and had some good times with him. They had to put him in a coma for the pain and if he doesn't wake up on his own then he's not going to make it. It's all fucked up. Pray that he gets better and if not then pray for his soul. They didn't think that he'd make it through the night.

2004-06-21 || 1:29 p.m.


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