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CS just left. I didn't think I would see him today. JB had invited him over for dinner but CS never returned his call. So we hadn't heard from him so went ahead and ate and then watched a movie. JB wanted to play cards but I wanted to study my algebra a bit so declined.

So I'm studying and CS calls and asks me if I want him to come over. I said only if he wants to and he said he did so I said come on over. He hadn't seen 50 first dates so I watched it again with him. Why can't I find a guy like that? Willing to make me fall in love with him anew everyday. I really liked it. But of course it makes me sad that I don't have that in my life :(

He wasn't that affectionate but that's ok. I didn't stress about it tonight. I'm trying to put myself in the frame of mind that we are just friends. When he left I wasn't sure if I should even kiss him goodnight. I almost didn't. But he leaned his face in and it just happened but not a passionate kiss. Man I miss those passionate kisses.

Hey on the bright side of my life...I "talked" with my diary buddy today. He makes me laugh. Apparently he was drunk but you'd never know it. No typos and very coherent - I was impressed because I've chatted with many a drunk person and they jumble up everything. Anyways I'm really horny and he says something about being so drunk he can't walk or say no to lude and salacious offers. Of course I had to jump on that. Wishing I were there to take advantage of him. So we talked about sex, it was interesting and of course only added to my frisky mood.

Well I am tired so must go to bed.

2004-06-16 || 11:48 p.m.


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