So today JB told me that he had to put my cat Kuma to sleep. He had a rare condition and we thought that it was taken care of but the vet had said they have only seen this condition once and they don't know what causes it or how to prevent it. Well it came back and he had to put him to sleep.

I feel horrible and am writing through tears once again. He and my bird Pika were really close and I found that I can't find any of the pictures of the two of them except for that one. Somehow they were deleted and I'm sick to death of it. There were some really adorable shots of the two of them snuggling.

Kuma and I had this game where I would chase him through the house and he would hide and when I gave up looking for him and would walk away he'd coming running after me and then I'd hide and try and scare him which would send him off running again, back and forth we'd go. And he had the cutest run. I mean he put his all into that run. He was super fast. I miss that. And he was a big snuggler. Very affectionate and sweet.

I'm trying to summon Kuma's spirit this way so that he can at least be with his brothers but I don't know if he can hear me.

Some other shitty stuff happened to me today but I'm not even going to discuss it here right now.

I at least got to talk to Mr. Wonderful on the phone today and he's supposed to call back later tonight. I sure hope he does cuz I need some cheering up.

I feel sick with sadness. I'm sorry Kuma and I love you very much - now please come to your new home.

2003-06-21 || 8:25 p.m.


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