nice evening
I had a pretty lazy day...

Woke up - got high. Vacuumed and mopped. Cleaned my room. Laid out for awhile. Played on the computer. Took a nap. Went to my parent's get together. By the time I got there they had drank 1 huge bottle of tequila and 2 bottles of wine, some pineapple rum and working on another bottle of wine and tequila. I feel bad for my mom cuz she doesn't drink and she has to entertain them. Came home and watched a stand up of Dave Chappelle (hilarious). CS called and asked if he could come over.

We played the game and he was affectionate. He said he wished he could stay the night but has to work tomorrow and if he stays here he won't want to go to work. But if he goes to Magic Mountain with us on Monday then he is going to stay the night here tomorrow. We are definitely watching the game together. I didn't think we would get to watch together because he was supposed to work at night but he said it wouldn't be right not to watch the game without me. That's gonna suck when it's over - what are we gonna watch?

2004-06-06 || 12:46 a.m.


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