Another welcome visit
So DS was in town this weekend for a wedding.

I saw him on Friday but he couldn't stay long because of wedding duties. He wasn't very attentive so I figured he's over me.

At the wedding he was a little more attentive and as the night wore on he became more so. We talked about his coming over after the wedding but I didn't think it would happen. My parents came over to say good bye and he told my parents that they had a beautiful daughter and he was really serious. As I was saying good bye to everyone I noticed he was watching me (like he had in the past). I see him with his phone and then my phone rings and he says he's just checking to make sure he has my correct number. It was so cute.

I get home, fall asleep. Around 11:30 he calls and wants to know if it's still cool to hang out. We sat and talked until 4a. He has never been so open with me. I told him about my fucked up love life and he was sympathetic. He told me that I am the most awesome person and that I totally deserve to find happiness. He says I'm the complete package. He likes that I'm laid back, easy going and love sex and video games. He told me that he still has everything I've written him. I said I wish we were closer in age and so did he. He said right now it wouldn't be a problem but what about the future. I told him that if he doesn't find anyone by the time he's 40 then he and I are going to grow old together. He joked and said something about cashing in sooner. If I ever get the chance to talk to him again I'm going to suggest a sooner age. But since I seem to have the knack of helping others find their loves, I'm sure he will find his in the next few months. I told him that too. He probably thinks I'm joking about being each others back up plans but I'm serious.

He leaves at 4 something but I get a phone call 10 minutes later from him asking if he can stay on my couch. He had been staying at the groom's house but they went on an overnight honeymoon and didn't leave him the keys. His brother was out of town overnight as well so I was the only option plus the groom/bride live in the same complex as me so he was already near by. I told him he's not sleeping on the couch. He's 6 ft. something and 200 some pounds. I'm not making him sleep on a tiny ass loveseat that is uncomfortable to even sit in. I figured since my man is still living in the same house as his wife and when company stays over she has to sleep in the same bed with him (they are hiding it from everyone) that I should be allowed to have a friend sleep in my bed. He says that when she does sleep in his bed that she stays way over with her back turned and I did snuggle with DS. It started with him on top of the covers and I was underneath. He had his tux on and I had my pjs on. We held hands until we fell asleep. Then sometime in night/early morning he must have gotten cold because he got under the covers and snuggled up next to me. I have to admit that it felt really nice to be sleeping next to someone and snuggling. I felt cared for and protected. I have always referred to DS as my teddybear and that's exactly what he is. We woke up and talked for a few hours but I can't remember what we talked about. I was just happy to be spending time with him.

Oh and he's still as funny as ever. I asked him if he ever just cracks himself up. I'm not as sad this time about his leaving but it may still come.

2008-12-08 || 5:29 p.m.


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