DS 2008 and still looking good
I haven't written here because I started a new diary about my current fucked up relationship that I'm engulfed in but I had a visitor from the past and thought I'd write about it here like old times.

DS came into town. It's been like 4 years since I've seen him. It was DS, JB, CS and I all together again. I had to much fun. I spent the weekend with them.

JB is married now and just had a baby yesterday or today. DS is in Oregon and CS is renting a place in town.

It was so good to see DS. He looked gorgeous and sexy immediately. I was surprised that he can still effect me like that. I figured I wouldn't be attracted to him anymore. Wrong. I had no idea that he was interested in hooking up. He was being a little flirty with me but I figured he was just being nice and didn't take it seriously. The next night we hung out he asked me why I went home so early the night before. I said so they could have guy time. I almost didn't hang out with them that night either but JB said I have no choice in the matter. I didn't get a real hint until we got back to CS's place. We watched a movie and we sat on the couch together. We sat really close but not obvious. He grabbed a blanket and put it over us and his hand went directly to my thigh. We held hands and caressed arms. When I left he walked me to my car and we hugged for 1/2 an hour. He said he wanted to get me in the back seat and have sex. He told me that to this day I gave him the best blow job he'd ever had and wanted me to do that. BUT I didn't because I'm involved with someone although we aren't technically a couple. If I were 100% single I would have attacked him. I told him that next time he's out I will for sure. He asked what if I had a man by then. Well if I do it still may happen.

DS almost got married. He raised a child for the last year and a half that turned out not to be his. He's pretty bummed about that and I would have loved to give him a blow job to take his mind off all that for awhile.

He said I still look good and I told him the same because he does. He seems more mature. He still has that great sense of humor. His cousin is hilarious too. The whole family is funny. My face hurt so much from laughing. I was dying. I wish every weekend could be like that.

It's been rough this week because I really miss DS and it will take time for me to get over him again. I know even if he lived here we would never be a couple but we'd be friends that have sex once in awhile. But if he lived here it would be so fun hanging out with him again.

2008-04-17 || 4:30 p.m.


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