too good to be true
So of course with my shitty, shitty luck things aren't going so great with MK. Things were going so so good I knew it was too good to be true.

Out of nowhere he started acting distant but everytime I asked if something was up or whatever he'd say everything was fine. The only thing that's been bothering him is the distance thing.

He's coming up this weekend so I'm definitely going to have to talk to him heart to heart.

Here and there I catch a glimpse of the guy I met but more often it's the other guy who I'm with. I call him Jekyll and Hyde now. When I'm with him he's great and loveable and affectionate but when I'm home he doesn't treat me the same. I'm getting tired of the inconsistency.

But anyway...I met this other guy who is far too young for me but wow he is wise for his age and so so much like my MB. He looks a little like him but it's the mannerism and personality that is so much like him. They even have the same birthday.

We hung out last night and had such a good time. We are so much alike. He is so easy to talk to. And my cat who in the 14 years I've had him has never sat on anyone's lap decided to lay in his lap. It was the most bizarre thing I've witnessed in my catdom. I didn't say anything to him...I just soaked up the implications of that.

So he's supposed to come over tonight. We went to the movies last week so my friend IM met him and she was like he is so cute/hot. My best girlfriend RM met him when I did and we were both drooling over him. He has these incredible lips...very sexy. He has this smoldering sexiness about him. But of course he may be moving out of state - just my luck. But I'm excited to have a new friend that I hit it off with instantly. Who knows if we'll have sex or not but I hope to at least once or at least to taste those sexy lips of his.

JB might be coming over tonight to watch the game but that's ok, he'll probably leave after the game and then JE and I can talk and laugh.

I still really like MK though. He captured my heart first but if he doesn't start taking better care of it I'm going to have to take it back and just walk away. This will be determined this weekend I hope.

I still talk to CS but he works until 10 at night so I haven't seen him in over a month. Plus I think he is seeing someone else now but that's ok. I'd still like to be friends.

Well I don't have anything exciting to talk about so am going to get off here.

2004-11-23 || 4:27 p.m.


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