twighlight zone?
Just got home from playing poker. Had a good time. I didn't do very good but at least I came home with all my money plus a little bit more.

Weird side story...We play poker with this guy LB and he's really cool and his wife is awesome and I adore them. He's actually the kind of guy that I would look for...he's very affectionate and loving and not afraid to express himself. He called today about the poker and when I was talking to him he asked me if I've been thinking about him and I said yes that I miss him since we haven't seen him in a couple of weeks. He says to me that he's been thinking about me and hopes I'm doing ok (last time we talked I was really down about CS and he wanted me to tell him what was wrong). I just said things are the same. So tonight he was really complimentary. Kept telling me that I looked fabulous or really good. We drove together to the poker game and he asked me again how things were going with CS so I explained a little more in depth what was going on and he says well if you ever want to have a hot night (or something along those lines) to let him know. I figured he was joking cuz he's really into his wife and they are so close. So later in the night I went to the restroom and while I was in there I heard him yelling out my name so I came out of the restroom and he puts his arms around my waist and tells me how great I look and has that purr in his voice. I just laughed cuz I figure he's kidding. So I start to walk away and he puts his arms around me from behind and I can feel his "package" against my ass. He kind of kisses my shoulder (I am still walking by the way) so I kind of pull away and he puts his hand on my ass and starts rubbing it. Then we got back to the poker room and he stopped. I don't know what to think. I think it was the alcohol cuz he's never done anything like that before.

CS was super affectionate tonight YAY! At one point I asked him if I could have a piece of gum and he said only if I can get a kiss. That tripped me out cuz he's never said anything like that. Of course it turned me on. We both left at the same time and I told him about the LB thing and he didn't say anything just sort of chuckled. He walks me to my car and we start kissing. Then he starts kissing the back of my neck which really turns me on and then starts pinching my nipples not too hard but just right. Then he asks if he can see me tomorrow. Again DUH!!! He kept kissing my neck and said that he should go but didn't want to it seemed but he has to work tomorrow morning so I knew he had to go but damn!

I don't know if I mentioned that I have to find another place to live by Aug. 1. She sold the place. So HP and I are going to look at a place tomorrow morning. I hope to god that I can find a place that will take me since my credit is fucked up from the divorce. And with my stellar luck everything could go wrong.

School is crazy. I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep up. Of course now CS wants to keep taking math and probably without me. That sucks cuz he'll meet some cutie and they'll study together like we do and that will suck.

Well I'm going to get off here and get to sleep since I have to be up early to go see the place and Shane's memorial is tomorrow :(

2004-06-26 || 1:10 a.m.


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