JB wanted to go to the casino last night so he asked me to go. I said sure since I hadn't talked to CS by then. But JB wanted me to call him to see if he wanted to go. I told him that I don't call CS and he asked why so I explained it and he just said I'm weird. While I was explaining this CS had called but I didn't check my phone until 20min. later. So I called him back and asked him if he wanted to go to the Casino with us. He was hesitant because he has to get up early and I didn't know how long we'd be there. He asked me if I want him to go and I said yes so he said ok as long as I wasn't being bothered by him. So after he gets here, he asks me why I never call I tried to explain it quickly since we were getting ready to go and I feel I need more time for that. So JB calls shotgun so CS had to sit in the back which sucked cuz I like when he's next to me - he always rubs my leg or holds my hand while I'm driving. On the way home he called shotgun while we were still in the casino. JB was playing a hand and CS announces it then. I'm sure it pissed JB off. He said then he's not leaving cuz he wants shotgun. CS tells him that he better start winning then so he can pay for a cab home. So CS won and he had his hand all over me.

There were a lot of good looking guys there. Everytime I'd make some sort of eye contact with a guy that I thought was hot somehow CS could sense it or something cuz that's when he'd put his arm around me or start caressing my back. So he doesn't want me but he doesn't want me to meet new guys!

Then he tells me he was hoping we'd have time afterwards to hang out since as soon as we got home he had to leave. That was weird. So I suggest doing something tonight and he was vague. So who knows. He has the place to himself this weekend so he's probably planning on having some chicks over or something.

Man I have a mean ole headache. It started last night and I woke up with it. That sucks. I hope it goes away.

2004-06-19 || 12:12 p.m.


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