at least i'm not sad
Haha - my luck continued in the evening. JB wanted to play poker and since I had nothing else to do I said yes. So we play and the very first hand I get 4 of a kind all 7s. That was wild. Then I got a couple straights and I just kept winning. Of course I eventually lost because even though I was getting dealt great hands - the flop wasn't so good.

Then we got ahold of this amazing weed. Gets you really stoned but puts you in a great mood. So that is why I didn't care that CS did not call me last night. Yesterday was the first day that I actually felt like I could handle it if CS and I go our separate ways. Not that I want that but I felt a little stronger yesterday. Today so-so.

He went to the movies with his one friends and said that he'd call me tonight if that was ok. Duh! Why does he say things like that? I thought I was pretty obvious - maybe he just likes to hear how much I'd like to see him. Watch he won't call cuz I didn't let him know if it would be ok or not. Easy way out for him.

Anyways only chatted with Rembrandt for a little bit since I was off at noon and spent the afternoon with Mom. By the time I got home he was already sleeping.

Well I'm off for now...maybe I'll write some more later

2004-06-18 || 5:37 p.m.


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