finally a lucky day
Today has been a surprisingly good day despite CS :)

It started off sketchy since I forgot to set my alarm and woke up at the time I should be leaving the house. I somehow made it to work only 2 min. late.

Then I won $100 bucks again on the radio answering a trivia question. Yay. Then in the afternoon I won 2 tickets to Universal Studios on another station. I've been trying all week to win the Universal Studios tickets because CS and I had been talking about going but we are both short on money. So after I win CS calls and the first thing he says is "I hear we are going to Universal Studios" (note: a little presumptious of him but he's right hahaha) I asked how he heard because I know he doesn't listen to this particular station. He said his friend Nikki called and said "'Your little girlfriend just won tickets to ...'" First off someone sounds a little resentful. Second the word "girlfriend" throws me. I know it was her that used it but he could have changed it to "your little friend". Or is he just trying to rub the facetiousness in. I'm sure when she said it to him his first remark was "she's not my girlfriend". So thanks for that...

Moving on..."talked" to my diary friend again. Let's give him a name - I shall call him Rembrandt. Anyways our conversation made its way to the door of sex. We were discussing fantasies. His fantasy I had done and my fantasy he had done. Then we shared one that is not a common one. I hadn't met anyone that wanted to do that and he hadn't either. Another fantasy was similar or overlapping. How much fun would it be to have sex with him! But no he's got to live in another country. See how my luck is? But he is such a nice distraction from my heartache. Instead of dwelling on how CS doesn't want me or trying to figure him out the whole time, now some of the time is spent daydreaming about what sex would be like with him.

So now I don't know what to do with the rest of my evening. I doubt CS is coming over. I haven't watched TV in months (except for the Lakers games) - maybe I'll see what's on. I haven't seen the Chappelle show in about a month.

I can't believe I start school again on Monday. It has been so long...I'm a bit nervous. I hope to god I can remember my algebra once we start. Or at least relearn it as quickly as I once did.

Well I'm off...

2004-06-17 || 5:09 p.m.


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