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I guess he never got my messages so he called me and we talked for a bit. He says he's coming over tonight. I hope he's still affectionate and not distracted. If he is I'm going to bring it up and hopefully find out what's going on in his mind.

We IMed eachother this morning. He asked if I want him to come over and I said of course he should know that by now and he said that maybe I've come to my senses. Whatever...

Been emailing SM. He has a good sense of humor and I hope he is as good looking as his pic portrays him. I don't know if I should tell CS when I finally do go out with him. Probably not at least until I know where his head is. In my head I feel he still wants to date other women but just hasn't met anyone yet but I'm sure it will come. :(

2004-05-21 || 3:34 p.m.


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