am i waiting in vain
DS and JB came home and we watched a couple of movies. CS called around 5:30pm to see if we could hang out but I was outside smoking and didn't get the message until later. Called him back and told him to come over so he did. I was laying on the floor and he came and laid down right next to me. He brought me a copy of the pics from Vegas and he printed out the photo for me. How sweet. He brought over a movie as well but we didn't have time to watch it. He made me promise not to watch it without him. I didn't plan on it. We went to my room and had sex and when we came out - JB had gone to bed and poor DS was playing a video game by himself. Usually it would be the two of us hanging out and fooling around. CS seemed a little distracted last night but he just kept saying he was tired. Maybe he's planning my demise...

So when they left I gave DS a big hug and kiss and then smacked his ass. He leaves today sometime. I doubt if I get to see CS today cuz I think they are going to pick up their cousin at the airport in SB and they'll probably go drinking or something. And I'm sure he's had enough of me by now. And then there is me who can't get enough of him...

Oh yea - there is this really hot guy that is interested in me but I'm afraid to get to know him cuz what if I start liking him and then CS wants something more. I'd rather not put myself in that predicament but then again what if CS dumps me and I let him go. Fuck why can't CS just say - hey let's make a go of it. End of story

2004-05-19 || 1:33 p.m.


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