lady in waiting
Well it's 6pm and I haven't heard from CS. I think he's out drinking with his brother, cousin and JB. Someone called here and invited him to DJ's (a bar nearby) I think it was DS so I assume that CS is with him but I could be wrong. I wasn't invited :(

Oh well...

SM (the SB guy) emailed me a bunch today. He seems really funny and intelligent. He cooks, reads, has a nice body, affectionate, etc. I think I'm at least going to meet him and see how things go. Either I'll like him or I won't. Since I'm so picky and my heart belongs to CS - I'm going to say that I won't be that interested.

I've heard from OR a couple of times and he sounds better. I hope that we can always keep in touch but I'm sure when he finds the love of his life he won't have time for me but that's ok. People come and go from my life all the time.

Heard from CT today. I miss her too. I hope she send the pics from Vegas like she said she would.

Well I'm going to go sit outside and sulk (and smoke)

2004-05-19 || 6:10 p.m.


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