Well I returned from Vegas last night. We had a good time. Well I did and he says he did. The funny thing is...his parents made DS come down and watch the dog so CS could go and DS didn't know why until he got here. DS left a message on CS's phone asking him why he couldn't hang out with him this weekend.

Anyways - we get to Vegas around 2am and meet up with CT. She was so cute and so happy to see me. VF was tripping out on how excited she was. He said he hasn't seen her this happy in a long time. She hasn't changed a bit. It was so good to see her. So we all walked the streets until sunup and then went to sleep but woke up 2 hours later. Went out and about for the day.

Nothing too exciting. We just walked around, ate, hung out, etc. CS was very attentive and sweet. There were times he seemed a little distance/distracted but then he'd bounce out of it. Of course we discussed nothing.

So we get back around 8pm and DS is at the house. I'm not sure what CS is going to be like around him but he didn't change except to be more attentive. He snuggled with me on the couch and was very snuggly outside. When JB and DS would come out for a cig. then he'd pull away a bit and as soon as they'd leave he'd be all over me. He asked me before he left if the thing I had with his brother is over cuz he doesn't think he could handle it if it wasn't. I assured him that it was. How cute though. So when he left he asked DS if he wanted to go with him and at first it didn't seem like it but then he changed his mind. I bet that put CS at ease. But I wonder if they talked about anything on their way home, mainly me. I hope not. Well if they did I hope it was only good stuff and not how they have/are using me...

CS took some cool pics and we have a few of the two of us that came out cute. He's going to print me up a copy. I hope it looks as cute printed as it did on the camera. I'll probably look like shit but damn that guy looks great in pics.

So I still don't know what is going to happen with us and I'm too afraid to ask. So I'll just wait around....

2004-05-17 || 12:21 p.m.


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