vegas still in limbo
Well I still don't know if we are going to Vegas or not. He came over for dinner last night and he told me that he wrote his dad a mean old letter. He said he's never done that before. He is supposed to text me or IM me when he finds out but with my luck he won't get to go. I really should go anyways but I'm not thrilled about driving by myself through the desert at night...

He was super affectionate again. Man he drives me crazy with his touch and mouth. He kept asking if it bothered me that he was over again. I said of course not. I started to say that I would have him over every night if I could but I stopped. He asked me what I said and I told him I'm not going to say. He asked a few more times but I swore to myself that I wouldn't discuss any feelings, etc. unless he started it or asked.

So we snuggled a lot and made out a lot. It is so hard to say good bye to him. We stand there and kiss and touch and I have to pull myself away from him. I'm so afraid of the day that he tells me he's interested in someone else. Oh well won't think about it right now.

I asked him if he gets tired of me giving him bjs and to let me know if he doesn't feel like one. He says he's more afraid that if I do it too much now that I'll feel like I have to in the future. I told him that's not going to happen because I love giving them to him.

I'm a nervous wreck right now waiting to hear the verdict of Vegas.

I'm gonna get off here for now.

2004-05-13 || 10:43 a.m.


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