wonderful weekend
Well Friday we played poker and CS came by half way through. We played until about midnight and came back here. He was affectionate and sweet.

On Saturday we went up the Casino to support a friend of mine who was in a tournament. He was super affectionate there too. The whole time he'd have his arm around me or holding my hand or rubbing/caressing my back. We hardly ever stopped touching for the 4 hours we were there. He said he enjoys playing poker and wants to really learn and I said how I'll be his cheerleader now but I'll feel bad cuz JB will lose his cheerleader when they play against each other and he said that he's going to tell JB that I'm his cheerleader now and then he tells me that he doesn't want me to be JB's cheerleader or something like that. How cute...

So we get back to my place and eat and then we go to the movies and then back here to fool around. I swear this guy kisses my neck and back for hours. He gets me so horny and then he starts on my tits and I'm gone. He is so becoming my ideal man but too bad he doesn't want to be. He told me again that he loves touching me and I said I love giving him blowjobs and he said I love you giving me bjs. We spent about 16 hours together that day. He left around 3am. He said he would like to stay the night sometime if that's ok with me. Duh!

I had mentioned that he could stay the night here (cuz he was low on gas and didn't know if he'd make it to his house since it was so late) and I said he could sleep on the couch - he didn't have to sleep with me. He said he would want to sleep with me. I wasn't sure if he'd be up for something like that because of the whole "not wanting to hurt me thing" that would be kind of intimate I would think. He said Fridays would be good or sometime during the week. I'm afraid that if I spend the whole night with him snuggling and stuff - I'll only get more attached but I want to experience it. Dear God what are you putting me through...

We were sitting on the couch and I had grabbed his "package" and asked him if there was anyway he could leave that here so I could sleep with it and he said no that he comes attached with it. I think he was offended like I only like him for his dick. I told him that would be more awesome - I was just thinking for times he couldn't stay.

Well I'm getting tired and am going to go to sleep...

2004-05-09 || 10:18 p.m.


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