I swear my life can never just be simple...

CS tells me that he wants to be in a relationship with me but since he always jumps from one relationship to another he doesn't want to jump in this time...figures...he wants to take it slow which is fine with me. He seems to think I want a full blown relationship with him and I don't...I'd be happy with just a sexual one...which I think he has agreed to...on the other hand if I do that where does that leave me with's not like he wants me or anything but when he's around we just seem to fall into fooling around and I would feel weird if I were sleeping with both of them...not at the same time mind you. I guess if CS eventually wanted to get serious and I agreed then I would have to give up DS. So anyways...CS says that he wants to date other people as well, not just me, which is fine but he seems to think that it will bother me or hurt me. He is so confusing.

We hung out last night talking. He was afraid I was mad at him. He thinks he might have blown things with us. He says he didn't expect to have feelings for me so soon after his breakup. So he is really confused. I tried to ease his nerves/confusion. He said I really helped him feel better about getting closer to me - which kind of defeats the purpose as he said we need to slow down before he gets any closer blah blah blah then after the fact he says he feels closer to me.

So I'm just going to let it all go and not worry about it. Que Sera Sera - whatever will be will be. Men confound me.

Spence just came by my work...of course he still wants to fool around...I told him I'm somewhat dating this guy blah blah blah...but he was sweet and just wants to hang.

Well I'm off here for now.

2004-04-29 || 1:24 p.m.


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