deja vu

I pick up DS from the train station. He gives me a big hug and kiss. He looks I take him to where John is and we surprise him. His brother CS is there too saving me a seat. So John and he catch up but I notice that DS is watching CS and I. After the game we go back to the house and John rides with me cuz he's been drinking. He tells me that CS told him that he thinks I'm so cool and he is so happy that we are hanging out. John tells him that he has no idea how cool I really am. He says just wait and you'll see the full extent of it. He says that I'm so real. Like the only real girl he knows. He says that he's looking for someone just like me (but younger). He went on some more but how cool is that. I never know how John feels about me most times.

We get back to the house and play a little cards...Oh yea by the way I placed 12th at the tourney and John placed 18th. I was 2 seats from the final table, darn. But all the guys were super cool and they even said that I'm the one they are afraid of at the table. It was a huge compliment.

I think John was the first to go to sleep and then DS. So it was just CS and I. He was really sweet. At one point he helped me up by grabbing my hand but when I was standing he still kind of held on and we slowly let go. He says that he thinks we will be really good friends. So that probably means we won't be "like that". But we'll see.

So last night it's John's bday and we go to his buddies place to play cards. While we were playing I kept catching DS staring at me. He'd be staring and I'd stare back and we'd smile. We got back to the house around 2am and John went to bed so it was just DS and I like old times. We talked a little - pretty superficial stuff. I asked if he had a girlfriend he said no. He said he had one drunken night with this woman (my age) but he couldn't get it up the whole night. So he keeps saying that he has a headache and is rubbing his temples so I ask him if he wants me to rub his head - he says yes. So I'm rubbing his head and shoulders and arms and hands. When I get to his hands he starts to hold mine - then his fingers start caressing my skin and then I start to get the massage. This went on for an hour or more. Then of course things progressed and he has his hands all over me and he's smiling away. I finally get his pants undone and go down on him. He cums I cum it's all great. We go outside to have a cig and he thanks me and tells me that he really needed that and that I have a real talent for it. That's so cool. We went to bed around 5am and this morning I took him to his parents to visit and then he's coming back tonight but so is his brother. I feel so bad but at this point I don't think CS is interested in me like that and DS hasn't had it in a long time. Or he's attempted but didn't get to orgasm. So I'm glad to do that for him but if CS is interested and DS mentions what we did it may turn him off - although CS's last girlfriend was DS's ex. I just can't seem to resist DS but I'm still attracted to CS. He is so much more compatible with me but DS just has that something that drives me insane with lust.

So we'll see. My best friend from Ohio called to tell me she's going to be in Vegas next month so CS and I are going to drive there and see her. I can't wait. I haven't seen her since I moved out here.

2004-04-25 || 1:27 p.m.


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