a call from DS
Sometimes I feel if I write about things here then I might jinx myself but oh well...

After I got home from work CS texted me and said he was ready whenever I was so I told him I was ready so come on over. We hung out for a bit then went to get something to eat - came back to the house and played Mario Party. It was really fun.

John came home from work and after a bit asked if he could use my phone to call DS. I said sure but I said he may not answer if he thinks it's me. They talked very briefly.

So at work this morning I get a call from DS saying that he is coming down tomorrow and if I could pick him up at the train station. We talked for a bit and I mentioned that I've been hanging out with his brother and he just said "yea I know" but not in an excited or good way. He seemed a little annoyed by the idea. So he changed subjects. He thanked me for the package and again said it was the best one he's ever gotten. He says he's happy there so I don't see him moving back. But I wonder how he knew I was hanging with CS. I think John must have said something to him.

So after that I texted CS to see if he wanted to go to lunch with me. He said yes and that he was just going to text me himself...so he was thinking about me...so I just got back from lunch. We are going to the movies tonight. And we are supposed to go to Magic Mountain, Universal Studios and City walk next month. But we'll see he could be over it by then or back with his girlfriend. So I'm still trying not to get my hopes up but I could really go for him. He is so incredibly sweet and attentive. And he has this look in his eyes sometimes that really turns me on.

But I must say it's going to be strange seeing DS again. And should I hang around CS when he's down. It is his bro and they are very fond of eachother. But since I don't know where it's going with CS and I, I don't want to do anything to upset him. I know where DS stands...he wants nothing to do with me...so I'm not going to dote on him...and if he wants to have sex or wants a blow job I will try my hardest not to. Man I'm such a tramp. It'd be easier if I knew for certain that CS and I were headed in the "intimate" direction or not. For all I know he could still be planning on getting back with his ex. So I guess I'll just sit and wait like usual.

Tomorrow John and I go to the casino to play in the no limit hold em tourney. I hope I'm not the first one out.

Well I'm going to get off this thing and hyperventilate...

2004-04-22 || 2:17 p.m.


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