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I thought I had written since my last entry but I guess not.

I won the poker game on Friday. Took home $120. Yay. Already spent, I might add on frivolous things.

The next day John and Heather break up. So we hang out that night just talking and stuff.

Sunday we went to DJ's for awhile and then came home and watched a DVD. That night he gets a call from DS's brother CS saying that he and his girlfriend broke up. My ears perked up at that one since I think he's adorable.

So John invites him to watch the game on Mon. at this bar. So we're talking and realize that we kind of click. So he asks if I want to shoot pool the next day, etc. So I tell him I'll call him.

So after I get home from work I call him and the couple that was supposed to go cancelled on him so he didn't know if I still wanted to hang out. Of course I do. So we go to this bar and shoot pool until 10:30. I had such a good time. We talked and laughed and all that stuff. He had mentioned to John the night before that he's going to call his ex in a month and see if she wants to get back together. But last night he said that even if she wants to get back together he's not sure he wants to now. I don't want to get my hopes up but I hope something develops between us. He is so sweet and such the opposite of DS. He said for me to tell him if he bugs me because he's going to be calling me all the time and I laughed and said I would do the same. So tonight we're watching a movie at my place (John's working late) and this weekend we're going to the movies. We even talked about taking some classes this summer together. If nothing else I will have gained a good friend. I'm just afraid that once again I'm going to get my heart broken.

Also there is this guy LW who lives in SB and he works in the movie industry. He does special effects/visual effects. He's rather known in the industry. He wanted to go out tonight but I'm already doing something with CS. But he seems really cool and funny so we'll see what happens with him.

Well I'm going to go to lunch.

2004-04-21 || 12:39 p.m.


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