Well I still don't know if we are getting evicted. They are now taking pictures of's a little creepy and very we've been trying to live under the radar but who knows. Nicole has to move out by the 1st and maybe I will have to as well but I'll find out then. I hate this waiting around in limbo shit.

Played a poker tourney online last night. John placed 868 and I placed 123 out of about 1100 people. I wasn't expecting to be in it that long. After John went out he came in to help me and together we do pretty good. I get the good cards and he knows how to bet them.

We're going to Lance's tonight to play. Blake is going to be there. Remember him - the guy that freaked me out with all his fawning. I guess he told everyone I was his "date" and people were asking him why I brought my boyfriend on our date (meaning John). So I never called him back and now I have to see him tonight. He'll probably be shitty to me since I broke his heart.

I guess DS is doing ok. Still not working - just drinking and partying 24/7. He might come down for John's bday but probably not. We are going to Chumash on J's bday. Of course Heather is bent about it and is trying to guilt him out of going but he said it's his birthday and he's doing what he wants. She has known about it for months but now it's a problem. She tried every angle to make him feel bad but it didn't work. He says he wants to break up with her (haha but we all know that they'll be back together in a few weeks).

Oh my Lent thing went well. I held off until 12:14am Easter morning. I was hoping to have sex but that didn't happen so I just had fun by myself. But on Tues. I had sex with SpS. He took my virginity 19 years ago. He kept saying how nervous he was, etc. But I had fun and hope he did. I don't know when I'll see him next but hopefully soon.

Well I'm at work and should probably get off here.

2004-04-16 || 11:24 a.m.


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