life still sucks
Well I still miss DS. I just sent him a care package today. We've text eachother a couple of times but I haven't called him yet. Don't know that I ever will. John talks to him a lot but he doesn't necessarily fill me in on what's going on.

On the home front. John and Heather broke up again this weekend. Who knows if it'll last since they always seem to get back together. So of course all he talks about now is getting laid. I guess she was getting all weird with me near the end. He said that she wanted him to tell me to stay in my room more because we (he and I) talk to eachother too much and we ignore her. That is such bullshit. We always try to include her but she is the one that excluded herself. She never wants to talk - just watch tv is all she does. She didn't like us playing poker so as soon as she was gone we played and have played everynight since. He invited his friends over (since they too weren't allowed over) to play poker with us and it has been fun. But of course as soon as he starts feeling lonely they'll probably hook up and it will start all over again. I just hope he doesn't let her walk all over him again.

He invited me to go up north to his friends on 4th of July but I'm sure they will be back together or he'll have someone else and I won't be invited anymore. I want to go to see DS since he'll be there too. I told John we should take a road trip to see DS and he agrees as soon as he has a job and some money. So hopefully soon cuz I'd really like to see him although he probably won't pay any attention to me since he'll be so excited to see John but that's ok - I just want to see him unless he has a girlfriend then I would feel uncomfortable and envious so best that I don't.

I don't think I'll ever get over him!

2004-02-24 || 4:15 p.m.


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