to wish impossible dreams
So I'm sitting outside reading at lunch and this truck pulls up and all I hear is this voice "excuse me". I look up thinking he's going to ask for directions somewhere but he asks "do you have a boyfriend?" I'm shocked at first and just shake my head. Technically I don't have a boyfriend - I'm just wildly in love with someone. So he asks if he can have my number. He's not bad looking (he's no DS) so I said sure and you'd think I said something monumentous. He had a sharp intake of breath and said "really?". Why not? He gets all flustered and asks if I have a pen or paper cuz he's never done this before and wasn't prepared. He found some paper etc. and took my number. He had the cutest dog too. I figured he had guts enough to pull over and talk to me without my giving him any signals (as I had been reading and paying no attention to the traffic).

Rose loves to watch men watch me. She gets such a kick out of it. She can't believe how crazy guys go over me when I'm just sitting on break. I don't quite get it either. I'm certainly not all that. Maybe I look easy or something.

So I gave DS my last letter. I said some heavy things and he probably feels weirded out now. He's been nice to me as usual thank god. Ha ha but I still couldn't get him into my bed last night. He opted for the couch. Don't I feel like the loser!

Why does he have to be soooo fucking good looking? He was all clean shaven and looking excellent. He has these green eyes that just suck me right in and I have a hell of a time getting out. I often compare him to MB. Not in the looks department (totally different looks). But he inspires in me the same feelings that MB did and that really surprises me. But DS is actually better suited for me than MB. So now do I have to wait another 2 years to find someone else to inspire that in me. I'm starting to feel despondent. I feel like I should probably stop making an ass of myself and forget him but that is easier said than done. I wonder if he'll be there tonight. AS USUAL - probably not with my luck.

2004-02-04 || 4:23 p.m.


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